Junior Chef - Bonkers for Brunch

£49 per child

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who knows but it's great!

Introduce your little ones to the fabulous offering of brunch with this new cookery class at The Kitchen. We'll teach them how to make delicate smoked salmon rotollos and oaty banana squares - perfect for the next time grandma pays a visit!

Learning to cook is just part of our Junior Chef classes. Our interactive and hands on cookery classes will keep budding chefs entertained as well as teaching them about how we grow our fruit and vegetables in the kitchen gardens. They will of course get to eat the food they create and share it with family and friends after the class. The half day course is designed for children aged 8-11.

Current dates: Thursday 27th August 2020

Course menu: Smoked salmon rotollos and oaty banana squares

Course time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Our half day courses are designed for children aged 8-11 and are subject to availability. All spaces must be pre-booked via reservations on 01425 282212 or reservations@chewtonglen.com