Darren's Diary

Royal Hampton Court

In the Autumn of 2017 I was asked to attend a meeting at Alitex the manufacturers of the amazing greenhouse at The Cookery School.

They asked me to be a part of a joint stand at Hampton Court in summer 2018 with themselves and Chewton Glen.

For a few seconds I felt a bit like a rabbit in headlights at the thought of this daunting project. Then after a few minutes it dawned on me what an honour this was and that Alitex must have tremendous faith in me as they are putting a lot of money into their stand and they want to be amongst the top stands at the show.

 I went back to Chewton Glen the next day and talked to my amazing gardeners and asked a few of them for help with this project. As a group we all agreed if we are going to do this then let’s do it well, try for the top award for our stand and make sure that we use this as an opportunity to really put the word out about Chewton Glen. We not only agreed to supply the planting but I will spend the duration of the show on the stand telling people how we work with The Kitchen & Cookery School and the work we do at Chewton Glen and of course how our Alitex greenhouse is key to achieving what we do.

We have spent quite a bit of time already planning everything, one of the biggest problems is that we need to take so many things with us to build the stand we can’t just nip back to the sheds at Chewton Glen when we are in London. The planning and designing of our planting and working out when to sow and plant each crop is basically complete and I am fully confident in what we are doing and am feeling really happy we have a really good planting scheme.

I was feeling very pleased with myself being so organised until last week when a friend and fellow gardener asked what I would be wearing that will look in keeping for such a prestigious flower show and give off the right impression for Chewton Glen, this was the first of many things I am sure that I had not thought about, so it looks like I’ll be turning to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. So this week is a big week for us as we start to sow the first seeds for our big Chewton Glen and Alitex at Hampton Court adventure.