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Why book direct?

Booking direct means that we can plan your stay from start to finish and ensure every part is the 5-star service you expect.

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Giving Back

Do something different and give back to the community

People love to do things that matter and companies that encourage employees to take time to participate in events which give back to the community create a caring and fulfilling culture back in the workplace. You can organise a great team activity with a purpose and harness the energy and investment expended to deliver added value for your company and your participants. The following activities are both entertaining and empowering and in most cases can be run indoors and out.

Bike Build
This 2.5 hour challenge kicks off with a briefing and presentation from the chosen charity. Participants will learn how the bikes will be used creating a strong incentive and emotional bond for the group. Teams of 5-8 guests will each be allocated a professional workshop with all the tools and equipment required to build one bike, but before they can start one member of the team has to get The Knowledge. The Knowledge session provides the designated
individuals with the skills required to build the bike which they then share with the rest of their team before coming up with a plan. ‘Curveballs’ will be thrown at them along the way: insufficient budget, missing parts and other
challenges to overcome. Teams may need to collaborate to ensure they get their bike is built on budget and on time!

On Board
This 2-hour challenge combines a mixture of street cred, art and common sense, as team members work together to create a unique masterpiece on a skateboard. A briefing and presentation about the charity project that will receive the finished boards will create an emotional bond which helps focus the teams and makes their efforts worthwhile. each team of 7 participants will build two skateboards. The teams will need to allocate roles including Yuda - responsible for overall project management and collating feedback; Banksies - tasked with interpretation of the brief and ensuring the deck meets the design requirements; elons - in charge of manufacture; and Hiroshiges - meeting the strict safety guidelines. The teams will be provided with a brief including style, colour and theme. They will
have to browse the shop to see what they can obtain and then take on challenges to gain the items they need. once the teams have everything they need they can assemble and decorate their boards before presenting them
to the whole group to demonstrate how they have fully met the brief. And of course, at the end the newly built boards will be presented to the charity’s representative.

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