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High Adrenaline

Join the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull in this fast paced creative challenge that sees teams tasked with creating their very own F1 Car. With only a pre-designed chassis and a list of building regulations, teams must successfully build and brand their car, attract ‘sponsors’ and ultimately race! Once the car is built, your team can add decorations and logos showing your team sponsors - using whatever materials you can source! Throughout the challenge your teams will compete in a series of head to head tasks, building on communication and logic, and including a riveting pit-stop challenge.

Hunt or be hunted
This is your opportunity to experience the ultimate activity for adrenaline-focused groups. Delivered by the elite Hunters from the award-winning Channel 4 programmes Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, the event is completely immersive and utterly entertaining. Featuring drones, dogs and booby traps, Hunt Or Be Hunted encourages team work, leadership and problem-solving. Click here to watch a video on the day >>

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