The Chewton Glen Teddy Bear Sheep

Suitable for 4 years+


Sheep Ram’ble!

40 minutes

Why not take a therapeutic Ram’ble across the beautiful natural terrain of the Chewton Glen Estate walking the Teddy Bear sheep.  This is a truly Ewe’nique experience where you will learn all about the Coloured Ryeland Breed, where they are from, and what they are famous for. They are such beautiful friendly characters, each with their own names and adore attention.

£75.00 per person. Group discounts are available.

Walk with our Teddy Bear Sheep

30 minutes

A 30 minute experience walking one of our lovely Teddy Bear Sheep around the Orchard. Meet Hershey, Blue, Zigmo, Baa’rney, Arthur and Twix they would love to say hi!

£65.00 per child

To book this activity as an additional part of your stay at Chewton Glen please contact Reservations 01425 282212 or email reservations@chewtonglen.com