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The Chewton Glen Teddy Bear Sheep

Suitable for 4 years+


Walk with our Teddy Bear Sheep

30 minutes

A 30-minute experience walking one of our lovely Teddy Bear Sheep around the Orchard. Meet Hershey, Blue, Zigmo, Baa’rney, Arthur and Twix they would love to say hi!

£65.00 per child

'Ewe'llery Making

60 minutes

Wool jewellery-making using our tools and our wool. Ryeland are one of the oldest breeds in the country and their wool is amongst the finest. Guests will be guided how to hand-make our very own designed Celtic Ring Bracelet as a keepsake.  

£105.00 per person

Lamb Shed Experience

30 minutes

Half-hour Lambing Shed or In the Paddock Experience - this will be a lucky (sheep) dip as to what's going on, and is only available until the end of June. Guests can either relax amongst the sheep or see various tasks being carried out with our flock. This could be delivering a lamb, bottle-feeding, trimming, or bedding-down: it all depends on the time of the year.   

£80.00 per family - maximum numbers: 5

The 'Lambargini' Ryeland Experience

The Coloured Ryeland 'Teddy Bear' sheep who graze the Chewton Glen pastures form part of an entire story. During this experience, you will get to meet some of the flock up close, either in their baaarn or paddock. You will see their individual characters while learning about their story, and how they came to be involved with their own Ryeland Gin and Ryeland Spiced Rum. Guests may enjoy a sample drink of Ryeland Gin or Ryeland Spiced Rum if they wish to, whilst relaxing amongst some of our Coloured Ryeland flock.    

£55.00 per person - includes 2 drinks per person. Over 18s only. 

To book any of these activities as an additional part of your stay at Chewton Glen, please contact Reservations 01425 282212 or email