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Farm Experience

£210 for up to four guests

Spend an hour rain or shine amongst our cute farm animals. 

Find out all about our animals and who’s who, these include:

  • Our Goats Crunchie and Chewy
  • Our Teddy Bear Sheep Henry, Valentino, Baby G, and Buttons
  • Our Ducks Splash and Divey
  • And our super cute Dwarf Lop-eared Bunnies Digger and Munchie

You’ll get to groom and cuddle (optional) our goats and our teddy bear sheep, let the ducks out into their pool and feed them. Sit with our lop-eared bunnies and cuddle them and feed them too. Weather permitting, we can also take either a sheep, goat or the ducks for a short walk too. We have a lovely barn to do this activity in if the weather isn’t good outdoors.

Suitable clothing and footwear for working around animals are required and we recommend bringing along your camera too so that you can capture every moment.

To book this activity as an additional part of your stay at Chewton Glen please contact Reservations 01425 282212 or email