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Why book direct?

Booking direct means that we can plan your stay from start to finish and ensure every part is the 5-star service you expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what to expect during your cookery class:

Will I be sharing a workstation?

Each guest will have their own personal workstation so that you can get hands on with each recipe, getting the very most out of your time with us.

What happens to the food I cook?

Its all yours! Several of the classes are designed so that guests eat some of the delicious dishes they create in the morning for lunch. Everything else is yours to take away and impress friends and family.

What clothing and footwear should I wear?

We will provide you with your own Cookery School apron which is yours to takeaway at the end. Ideally wear comfortable flat shoes with a closed toe and for clothing we recommend trousers and a long sleeved top.

Do I need to bring containers to take my food home in?

We will provide you with containers to take food home and bags to carry them in.

Will I have to do any washing up?

No! We are here to make sure you have the most enjoyable time so our team will take care of all the clearing and washing up.

I have an allergy/intolerance. Will you be able to accommodate my needs?

In the majority of cases we will be able to adjust dishes to accommodate all dietary requirements so please let our reservation team know before you book or on your web booking. There are a very few classes that cannot successfully be adapted to accommodate a certain dietary requirement, this information is displayed on each class. If this is the case we will be more than happy to recommend a class to suit your needs.

Do I have to be an experienced home cook to come on a class?

We welcome all levels and abilities on all of our classes. For those who have never tried the technique or skill being covered we will give you all the help and support you need to get great results first time. And for those more confident in the kitchen we will help you to refine and improve your techniques to enjoy your cooking even more.

Can children under the age of 18 attend cookery classes?

We have Junior Chef and Teen Chef classes for children aged between 8 and 17. All other classes are for adults aged 18 and over.