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New Forest Marathon

24th – 26th September

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Over the last 37 years, the New Forest marathon has raised over £1.31 million for local good causes, making a huge impact on many people and organisations, many of which you will see volunteering on race day.

The New Forest Marathon Team aims to:

  1. Revitalise and raise the profile of the marathon.
  2. Inspire as many people as possible to take part in physical activity, lowering levels of inactivity and improving the health of the community.
  3. Build a sustainable platform to raise money and awareness of local good causes via the New Forest Marathon Community Fund.
  4. Use the marathon as a platform to help as many people, organisations and businesses as possible.
  5. Operate with transparency, high moral standards and clear communication.
  6. Support the management and protection of the New Forest


Line Up

Friday 24th September

Camping –  Live Music – Food/Drink

Saturday 25th September

Junior 200m/1 mile –  Woodland Walk – 5k – Full Marathon – Live Music – Food/Drink – Paddleboarding

Sunday 26th September

10k – Half Marathon – Food/Drink – Paddleboarding