The Women of Rothschild

by Natalie Livingstone

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From the Sunday Times, bestselling author of The Mistresses of Cliveden which details the scandalous history of our country cousin Cliveden House comes an enthralling, sumptuous and surprising history of the Rothschild women...

The Rothschild story has been, almost exclusively, a male narrative defined by banking and finance. This is the previously untold story of the dynamic, eclectic, remarkable and pioneering Rothschild women. They defied expectations by advising, inventing, inspiring, lobbying, informing and educating.

Whatever your interest or passion, there is a Rothschild woman who has blazed a trail. From high politics and finance to the arts.... from literature and science to sport and music. These women shaped the very history from which they have been consistently and deliberately excluded.

“Captivating, intimate, dazzling, epic and revelatory” - Simon Sebag-Montefiore

Discover the untold story of the world’s most famous dynasty...