Ten Days of Wellness

Now into our third lockdown, we realise that many people may be struggling more than ever to stay positive and look after their wellbeing. It’s important to practise techniques to calm the mind, body and soul; especially at a time when the feeling of uncertainty is so high.

Kerry Hudson, Spa Director of Iconic Luxury Hotels has put together ‘10 Days of Wellness’ activity to help us all reconnect with ourselves, and learn new ways of coping through challenging situations:


Day 1 – Switch Off

Have a digital detox from your phone. Switch it off or leave it at home. Go for a walk and take in what you see, smell, hear and perhaps touch. Nature is amazing and it has such a calming influence on us when you actually take a moment to observe.


Day 2 – Swap Hands

Stay with me on this one…

Brush your teeth this morning with the other hand. This will encourage your mind to focus on what may see alien initially, but keeping the brain working in all the right ways will do wonders.


Day 3 – Tidy house, tidy mind

Put on a Podcast or a radio station with minimal talking and focus your attention on the room in the house you often try to avoid, which in most houses is the loft, spare room or study. Clear unwanted items, re-order storage… this will help you implement the ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ mantra into your life.


Day 4 – Laughter Medicine

Today you must do something that makes you laugh. Laughter decreases our stress hormones and we could do with plenty of laughter right now!


Day 5 – Remove Social Media

When it first came around, social media really was sociable. Now it’s a can be a very dangerous, negative space indeed. Be more aware of how you use your accounts. If you’re mindlessly scrolling down your feed you’re doing it all wrong. Hide the apps on the last page of your phone. This means when you open your phone again, your initial attention will not go to those icons.


Day 6 – Send some love

We don’t write letters anymore. I remember a time when I used to look forward to seeing the Postman. Why not send a gratitude card to a good friend or family member to make them smile?


Day 7 – Tempting Tastes

Treat yourself today to your favourite chocolate bar or savoury snack. Resist temptation to chew too quickly, it’s time to savour the taste. Eat it slowly and appreciate it for longer…


Day 8 – Listen

Sit down and play your favourite piece of music. Don’t have any distractions around you and this will then enable you to immerse yourself in the track. How does this song make you feel? What does this song remind you of? Go back to that happy memory and feel thankful when the song ends that you have this precious memory forever…


Day 9 – Be more cat!

We’ve mentioned the lessons we can learn from our pets in a previous post, however there is method in this madness. Stretch like a cat, think like a dog. Today I want you to take time to stretch your entire body. Feel the release of pressure from your muscles, inhale and exhale your breathe. Be grateful for your body today.


Day 10 – 3 is the magic number

Before you go to bed tonight write down 3 things you appreciate from your day. Was it the birdsong in your garden? The fresh spring breeze? The delicious dinner you cooked? The phone call from a friend? This helps us to reflect on the simple pleasures, without dwelling into a negative aspect of our past, or thinking too far into the future about bigger hopes and dreams. It’s the here and now.